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MAR 11th 8pm

The Parlor - 8pm (music starts at 2pm)

Satellite Fest

w/ Magnet School, The Wheel Workers, Parker Woodland, Jay Satellite, Cool Moon, Roominghouse Madrigals, Gospel & The Wolf

MAR 14th 4pm

ABGB - 4:20 pm (music starts at noon)

GRA SouthPie Day Party (Girls Rock Austin's 16th Annual SXSW)

w/ Redbud, Dark Kards, Tender Wolf, Imminent End, Female Gallery, Black Widows, She23, Chew, Geexella

MAR 18th 5pm

Sunny's Backyard 1pm - 7pm Unofficial SXSW Day Show

w/ Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Capture Phase, Sleeping Jesus, Dewey Ivy, Subpar Snatch, The Khost

MAR 30


w/ Gentlemen Rogues and Ram Vela and the Easy Targets

APR 15

COTA - Sun Radio Stage - 2:25 pm

2023 MotoGP Redbull Grand Prix

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