Stella and the Very Messed are:

Stella Maxwell: Vocals 

Dave Hawkins: Bass, Guitars, Percussion, Synth

Chris Nine: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Glockenspiel

Donnie Adkinson: Drums


Produced and mixed by Dave Hawkins.  


Engineered by Kevin Butler at Austin Signal (drums and piano), and Dave Hawkins at spilled milk social club and also Chris’ recording space (everything else)


Mastered by Kevin Butler


Illustrations by Kelsey Herrity.

Lettering by Trina Bolfing.

Layout by Jonathan Marshall. 


Additional players:

Strings on “In Past Tense” by Hilary Thomas-Oliver and Quentin Thomas-Oliver, courtesy of Pony Trap

Pedal Steel on “In Past Tense” and “Mean Cells” by Phillip McJunkins

Theremin on “Formula” by Kevin Butler

Gang Vocals and Claps on “Small Funk” and “How Could You Not Like Me?” by Ali Epperson, Carol Franklin, Chase Weinacht, Hope Kidd, Katrina Barber, Lauren Burton, Nola McJunkins, Phil McJunkins, Rae Comeau


Thank you to everyone who helped to make this record possible.


All songs by Stella and the Very Messed ©️2019 Stella To The Max // Crystal Gravy // Danger Dangit // Bad Luck No Luck Adkinson (ASCAP) 


Track Listing:


The Mightiest/Writiest Pen

Small Funk

Bad Harvest

How Could You Not Like Me?

In Past Tense


Mean Cells

You’ve Got Work To Do


© 2019 by Stella and the Very Messed. Proudly created with

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